Dita Hockey Shoes Philosophy

DITA Hockey your first and best choice of shoes to wear for dog agility…

Dita Hockey are commitment to innovation and technology, and create comfortable shoes with outstanding performance. Here at Agilityk9s we only stock DITA Hockey Shoes as we are of the opinion that shoes should meet certain standards with regard to stability, grip, comfort, shock absorption and weight. Dita achieve an optimum mix of these standards.

Whether you take your dog agility very seriously, run at your dog at club level or are a beginner, you’ll find the right Dita Hockey shoe for you.

Dita design their own mid-and outsoles and use only high grade quality rubber and EVA. Recently Dita introduced two brand-new developments, the DSS (double stability) system and the ER (easy roll) system.

DSS (=Double Stability System) is a double-density system at four different locations in the midsole to improve the stability of the shoe. These four locations reduce the chance of “over pronating” or “over supinating”

ER (=Easy Roll System) will help to unroll the foot from outside (back part) to inside (front part) by using a softer phylon on the outside at the back. Your foot is then forced to unroll outside/inside.

Let’s Talk Stability, Grip, Comfort, Shock absorption and Weight

OK so DITA Hockey make shoes for hockey why should I wear a pair of Dita hockey shoes while taking part in dog agility…

Firstly the actions of playing hockey and running a dog around an agility course are very similar… you will run, turn direction while running, check and change direction again. Dita Hockey shoes are designer just for that action and will give you great stability on an agility course, unlike most running trainers or trial running shoes that are only designed to run in one direction…forwards. You’ll also find most of this type of shoe have very aggressive long and hard studded soles. In Dita’s opinion wearing this type of sole can cause possible leg and knee injuries as they cause the leg to lock when turning or during abrupt stopping. All Dita Hockey shoes have lots of smaller, softer studs, most have flared studs on the outside edge of the sole which help with severe turning and abrupt stopping, giving you the best stability and grip on a grass agility course.

The midsoles of Dita Hockey Shoes are made of moulded EVA, which is light and has brilliant shock absorbing qualities. Dita offers a midsole with various hardness’s as well (DSS system) giving stability to the rear foot and mid foot. A shoe should “feel” like a second skin; a shoe which you do not feel is likely be too wide after a while. The fact that you slightly feel the shoe when fitting means it will give you all the necessary comfortable support you require once you’ve worn and used the shoe extensively. The shoe should bend nicely at the so-called flex zones in the forefoot this will save energy while running. Then sufficient padding and correct fabric as found in all Dita’s range will prevent your feet from friction. The lighter the shoe the more energy you will save. However there is always a certain minimum weight required to achieve the optimum balance and Dita have found this.